Adobe Systems developed file format called Portable Document Format or PDF that enables viewing of each page in sequence and the viewed pages are exactly as they look in print. PDF can be easily converted into a DWG file that is a binary file format. AutoCAD DWG file format is usually used in architectural, civil engineering and related fields where heavy two and three dimensional designs are created and this design data can be stored in the DWG file format easily. DWG file format comes in various types such as .dws (drawing standards) .bak (drawing backup), .sv$ (temporary automatic save) and .dwt (drawing template).

PDF to DWG Conversion
However, if AutoCAD DWG files have to be emailed they are extremely heavy to send. Therefore to mail such files one can easily convert AutoCAD DWG files into PDF files and mail them across. If the recipient wants to view the DWG files he or she can again convert PDF files into DWG files. PDF to DWG format converters are freely available on the Internet and one can download anyone of them to convert PDF into DWG files. After the file conversion one can edit the converted DWG file. This conversion from PDF to DWG is of advantage to many professionals such as civil engineers, interior designers and architects among others. AutoCAD DWG files are usually huge and heavy. Therefore, the AutoCAD DWG files are converted into PDF files that can be reconverted into AutoCAD DWG file ready for drawing and editing.

There are several benefits of converting files from PDF to DWG and they are as follows:
• PDF to AutoCAD DWG conversion enables fast and efficient editing and easy to work upon
• PDF to AutoCAD DWG conversion retains color in the AutoCAD DWG file
• One can select specific pages that need PDF to AutoCAD DWG conversion
• PDF to AutoCAD DWG converted files do not loose lines and arcs and they are also editable
• PDF to AutoCAD DWG converted files also retain true type texts
• Text can be recreated in the PDF to AutoCAD DWG converted files
• The PDF to AutoCAD DWG conversion also does not lose out on location, thickness, and shape of lines
• The lines and arcs retain the same color as in the original PDF when these files are converted to AutoCAD DWG file format
• PDF to AutoCAD DWG conversion is easy as PDF is popular and free to use
• PDF is supported by a number of inexpensive writers and readers and hence PDF to AutoCAD DWG conversion is popular
• PDF files can be marked-up with comments without affecting the original data and therefore the PDF file conversion to AutoCAD DWG is useful
• PDF files enjoy flexible printing controls and therefore DWG conversion will also have that benefit

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