Format Conversion is a one stop shop for all your image format conversion needs. We enable you to outsource the conversion of images from one format to another. There are more than 300 image formats that we work with. Images are a great medium to communicate with customers, but one cannot use an image in a specific format for every possible purpose. Solution: We can transform images from one format to another. Our in-house experts use a manual process to convert the images without affecting quality or losing any relevant data. For example: A raster image in GIF format can be used on a web site but will be pixilated when enlarged, so one cannot use this image for printing purposes. We can convert image files to a vector format (AI, DWG, DGN, etc.) so you can enlarge them to any size.

DWG Conversion: Our AutoCAD (DWG) conversion services enable you to transform paper documents or files in any other format into accurate DWG conversions. Format Conversion starts with a blank document and does the vectorization using both manual and software-assisted processes. We recreate the artwork based on the scanned image. Our output is truly computerized in that it is “vectorized”; we actually redraw each drawing. We guarantee 100% accuracy in the final output. The key advantages of our service are: The final output is editable and will be in DXF, DWG, DXF format. Because we create each drawing as a new file, we can create as many layers as you require. We generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc. Dimensions are intact and are shown in a separate layer.

DGN Conversion: Format Conversion offers MicroStation’s (DGN) conversion services, enabling you to convert paper documents or files in any format into DGN format. Scanned drawings, pictures, blueprints, PDF, JPEG or files in any format are manually re-drawn by our trained CAD draftsmen. Our experts can re-recreate designs of home plans, floor plans and elevations, for construction projects according to client specifications. Our manual DGN conversions are fully editable, multi-level and 100% dimensionally accurate.

Photo Restoration: At Format Conversion we can edit your pictures or enhance them by adding special effects or deleting objects that you don’t require. We can enhance your images by adding colors, changing backgrounds, merging pictures, converting grayscale images to colored images, etc. Our photo editors can create just about any special effect. We can handle heavy and detailed DWG, DGN files in PDF format and can modify them according to your instructions. You can send us the original images in any format (raster, paper drawing, link, etc.) through FTP, fax, e-mail, or send in your drawings via CD’s. We will edit, enhance and convert the images to the format of your choice and send them back to you overnight, without any rush charges.

Paper Conversion: Format Conversion can bring life to your ideas. If you have a scanned copy of a paper-based sketch or a rough drawing that you would like to use as a logo, graphic or simply a colored image, we can convert the scanned image into a fully editable, vectorized file. We can work according to your color schemes, and the files can be in any form or format as per your specifications.

We convert your important images using a proprietary manual conversion process. Many companies use auto vectorization software, but with Format Conversion you get error-free files converted using human intelligence and the latest technology. We can even clean up files converted using auto-transform (i.e. auto-vectorization) software. Need fast turnaround? We can convert your documents within the time frame you specify. We can assure you the conversion will be of the highest quality.