Format Conversion converts your BMP images to PDF files, thus making them portable and easy-to-view. Our in-house experts can convert your BMP files to PDF format and vice-versa without any loss of data.

If you have an old logo or image in BMP format and need to use it for multiple purposes, we can recreate your BMP file in a vector format (AI, CDR, PSD, etc.) and then convert them to PDF format. You can use the AI drawing for printing purposes and the PDF for websites, presentations, etc. In addition, the files that we create are in printable format. If you need to get your images printed for high-resolution work, all you have to do is send the converted PDF files to the printer.

At Format Conversion, we can also edit your pictures by adding colors, merging pictures or converting grayscale images to colored images. Our photo editors can create just about any special effect. You can send us your original images in BMP format through FTP, fax, e-mail, or send in your drawings via CD’s. We will edit, enhance and convert them to the format of your choice and send the converted files back to you overnight, without any rush charges.

PDF is an acceptable way to share information when the author does not want that information easily modified or when there is no longer a need to edit that information. A BMP file is easily editable in Windows Paintbrush, but by converting them to PDF, we can make them password protected. The files that we create are viewable on multiple platforms and provide a casual level of document security. BMP or Windows Bitmapped format is a file format for mainly storing images, including photographs and line art. They are usually viewable in any Windows Software but because of their greater file size they are difficult to manage, use unnecessary space and make file transfer cumbersome. We can convert your files to PDF format and reduce their size without affecting the quality of the images.

At Format Conversion, we believe in customer satisfaction; we are not satisfied until you are.