At our PDF to Word conversion service helps you toconvert your PDF documents to Word files (and vice-versa), helping you recover entities in PDF to corresponding Word entities with ease. We can extract your data, tables, images and even set up the page for printing. We can modify your documents according to the comments on your PDF files or as per your instructions.

Documents created in MS Word are used widely in offices, homes and other institutions but customers today are asking for a format that represents the “printed page” and can be viewed on multiple platforms, even if a person does not have Microsoft Office. The PDF format has been broadly recognized as an acceptable way to share information when the author does not want that information easily modified or when there is no longer a need to edit that information. This ability to view on multiple platforms and provide a casual level of document security is a customer need that can be met by PDF.

If you’re a lawyer our transformers can help you preserve legal documents in PDF format. As you know that PDF is easily viewable over any platform due to its free availability, converting your important papers to PDF format makes work a lot faster and safer. We can make the file password protected to avoid any manipulation of data. We guarantee you 100% accuracy in our work. Our expertise makes sure that the work they do is error-free and closest to what you demand.

PDF or Portable Document Format is an open file format created and controlled by Adobe Systems, for representing two-dimensional documents in a device independent and resolution independent fixed-layout document format. The PDF format is criticized for not actually being a “portable format”. We can turn the PDF files to editable Word files without affecting the data they contain thanks to our experienced expertise. The converted file is easily editable and can be viewed on any platform using MS Office.

At FormatConversion we can transform your PDF file to Word File and the Word file to Excel or we can convert your PDF file to Excel file and then to Word, depending on your data usage. Due to our manual conversion techniques we provide you with error free data, to keep things convenient for you.