Microsoft Word is a word processor and is one of the main programs of MS Office. Professionals working in offices, homes and government institutions use the MS Word program to create documents. One can use MS Word for a variety of functions.

At Format Conversion, our Word to Excel conversion service team can convert your Word or Word Perfect files to Excel, Lotus and Access files. This will help you recover entities in Word to Excel with ease. We can extract your data, tables, graphs, images and even set up the page for printing.

Marketing and Sales organizations use our services to update and maintain their databases. Our services range from data entry to maintenance and programming. We keep your work up-to-date; to make sure there are no delays.

Mail Merge
1. You can send letters, greetings, invitations, and newsletters to different groups at the click of a button.
2. We help you by converting your business cards (in hardcopy or PDF format) to Excel files and managing a     personal address book in MS Excel.
3. We make the Excel files searchable for your convenience. You can trust us to keep your data up-to-date.

Microsoft Excel allows you to:
1. Create professional spreadsheets and charts.
2. It performs numerous functions and formulas to assist you in your projects.
3. It is used widely in offices, homes and other institutions.

Excel documents to Word fileswithout disturbing your data. Our experts use manual conversion process to make the data 100% accurate.

You can fax, e-mail or send in your documents through CD’s or via FTP and we can convert them for you overnight.