We at Format Conversion first analyze your requirements, then our CAD experts convert the files from raster (i.e. bitmap) to vector/CAD. Our quality assurance team and managers then review the work, before the files are finally delivered to you.

Our CAD experts use our proprietary process to convert PDF files to Micro Station’s (DGN) format. We follow AIA layering standards but can also accommodate your layering standards. We generate separate levels for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines and centerlines. Many data conversion companies transform your work using software tools (i.e. autovectorization software), but these lack accuracy and are of limited utility. We can deliver your converted files within your stipulated time, or even overnight depending on your business needs.

Our combination of manual techniques and the latest technology makes the redrawn files absolutely error-free and drawn to scale. Our CAD experts are careful about digitizing your drawings according to the dimensions indicated.