converts your BMP image files to CAD (DXF) vectorized files. Our proprietary process ensures that our BMP to DXF conversions are error free. In fact, your DXF drawings will be better than your original images because the elements will be in different layers.

DXF Format

DXF files (Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format) are generic CAD files. They are compatible with many different CAD software applications.

BMP Format

Bitmapped format is a popular format for high color depth images. BMP format is compatible with many image formatting software applications, word processors, and internet browsers. It is because of its easy view-ability that BMP images are so popular. However, a BMP image is not easily editable in its original form. Solution: Let us convert your BMP images to DXF drawings.

We can convert your BMP images to DXF format by starting with a blank document. We then perform the vectorization using both manual and software-assisted processes.  Our output is truly computerized in that it is “vectorized” because we actually redraw it.  The key advantages of our service are:

  • You can edit the final output because we create the drawing as a new file.
  • We can create as many layers as you require.
  • We generate separate layers for dimensions, text, body, hidden lines, and centerlines, etc.
  • Text is separate and has its own layer.
  • Dimensions are intact and appear in a separate layer.
  • Finally, we guarantee 100% accuracy in the final output. In other words, we will ensure that the CAD file is consistent with the dimensions indicated on the drawing.

Our Process

Given your need for accuracy, our experts use our time-tested process to vectorize images. Thousands of clients have appreciated our high-quality error free DXF conversion services. Many data conversion companies vectorize files using purely software-based solutions. These solutions lack accuracy and have limited utility. Our proprietary approach uses a combination of software and the expertise of CAD technicians to produce optimal results.

To get started, you can submit you job via our online order form, or via email. We can convert your BMP images to DXF format and deliver them to you within a day or two, depending on your requirement.