Format Conversion provides a comprehensive range of customized file format conversion services. We can help you with with CAD Conversion (raster to vector/R2V, scan to CAD, etc.), DWG Conversion, DGN Conversion, and many types of image conversion. Our proprietary conversion processes enable us ensure 100% accuracy and confidentiality. Our quality centric approach and domain expertise are evident by the enviable list of loyal clientele, including the US government and Fortune 500 companies, who employ us for their format conversion needs.

Format Conversion’s time-tested conversion processes enable us to convert data from one format to another in an accurate and efficient manner. For example, we can convert PDF files into any format, including Word, Excel, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Vector Works, TurboCAD, HTML, SGML, and XML. We can also convert 2D graphics or drawings to 3D Models. We can work on images to improve the resolution and reuse them for various purposes. Images can be extracted from PDF documents to any standard image format, enhanced and reused. Format Conversion can also convert your documents from MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel into compact, easy-to-use, accessible and searchable PDF files.

Image conversion is one of our specialties, and there are more than 300 image forms that we work with. Images are a great medium to communicate, but one cannot use an image that is in a specific format for every purpose. An easy solution is to convert the desired image into the required format. Our in-house specialists use our proprietary conversion and quality control processes to convert images without any reduction in resolution or clarity. For Example: A raster image in GIF format can be used on a web site but will be pixilated when enlarged; we cannot use this image for printing purposes. Solution: Convert the image to a vector format and use it in any way you want.