At Format Conversion we create layouts, brochures, magazines, catalogues, advertisements, newsletters, menu cards, invitations, corporate brochures, flyers and all that you need using Adobe InDesign. Our team is comprised of experienced experts who use our proprietary process to turn your simple word documents into attractive and colorful InDesign files. Our manual conversions are accurate and we work closely with you to produce layouts closest to your demands. We believe in customer satisfaction, and are not satisfied till you are. We will send your converted files to you in a PDF format for viewing within a day and will modify them according to your notes and remarks, giving you complete flexibility.

Desktop publishing (DTP) companies often use Adobe InDesign. Our designers create drawings in a vectorized format, perfect for high resolution printing. Whether you are a designer, hotelier, publisher, sales manager, fashion journalist, entrepreneur or a party planner, we can help you with the best of designs, concepts and ideas. Our attractive layouts aid our clients in the marketing of products and the generation of sales.

If you have an older version of InDesign and cannot edit the files in newer versions, we can convert the files to Word format, according to your needs. The files that we send are print ready and can be in any format (e.g INDD or PDF), whatever you require. You can send us your Word files via FTP, fax or e-mail; we will process them and have them sent back to you overnight or as soon as you need them, without any extra charges.