At Format Conversion our Word to PPT conversion service converts your Word files to PowerPoint presentations (and vice-versa). We can extract your data, tables, graphs, images and even set up the page for printing. We believe in giving you the best services at reasonable prices, within your stipulated time limit. We can modify your documents according to your instructions.

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is one of the most-used software programs for making presentations using text, graphics, movies, and other objects on individual pages or “slides”. The slides can be printed, or (more often) displayed on-screen and navigated through at the command of the presenter. Slides can also form the basis of web casts. Presentations made with the use of PowerPoint can be made very attractive and interesting with the use of transitions, animation and other special effects. Presentations can be saved and run in multiple file formats: the default .ppt (presentation), .pps (PowerPoint Show) or .pot (template). Impress your clients and business partners by presenting your simple word documents in lively PowerPoint slides.

You can give us the Word files and we will convert the data to editable and presentable PPT slides. The transitions and effects can be as per your needs. We can convert your data into graphs, pie charts, and images and add them to the presentation to make it more captivating and informative. We can also insert videos, shockwave files and audio clips to make your presentations more communicative.

Our active and informative PPT presentations can be used for various Sales campaigns, or just to show an overview of a new product launch, a detailed description of the company profile or for marketing purposes. PowerPoint is one of the most used and accepted format for presentations. Educational institutes use our services for converting detailed class teachings into point-wise presentations, this makes studying much easier and interesting for students. Financial institutes and business houses present their balance sheets or financial records using PowerPoint presentations. We can also convert your word files to printable Presentations which can then be used by you for various purposes.

Many conversion companies use software to automatically transform a Word file to a PPT file, but at Format Conversion we use manual techniques to give you error-free, more attractive and presentable files. When you convert your Word files to PPT presentations using software it does not add in pictures and graphics as per your needs. With Format Conversion a combination of human creativity and latest techniques is what results in a great PowerPoint presentation.